Teksbotics provides NAO Robot Development and Support Services in Hong Kong, China and Macau.  NAO is a humanoid robot used in education area. It has natural body language accepted by children and adults. It is an attractive platform since the robot is fully and easily programmable. It has multiple sensors such as tactile sensors, pumpers and so on.

NAO can recognize people and objects clearly; tracks perfectly using its whole body; uses new extractors for people perception and talks in an expressive and appropriate way.

Adopting NAO brings countless benefits to teachers, students, and researchers. For teachers, NAO increased student engagement, female and male alike. It also improved effectiveness in reaching teaching goals. For students, it helps connecting theory with practice trough hands-on trials; fostering teamwork, project management, problem solving and communication skills as well as inspiring a high level of motivation and interest for technical career paths. For researchers, NAO is the ideal test platform for conceptual and theoretical models; autonomous companion for hands-on experiments and intuitive software environment with multi language programming.

NAO can be customized for different purposes.
NAO can be an interesting tools for education and training in schools.
Nao can be an entertainment for the whole family.

We provide custom robotic solutions.
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