Pepper Robot

Teksbotics provides Pepper Robot Development and Support Services in Hong Kong, China and Macau.  You will be surprised by your experience with Pepper: Pepper changes behavior based on your daily interactions, learns from your conversations and gives you signs of recognition and feedbacks. Pepper is ready to make your family happy.

Pepper is equipped with an Autonomous life and takes his own decisions. It can also tried to understand your emotions. Pepper has the latest technology to recognize your emotion based on your expression and voice. Pepper evolves and develops his capabilities, little by little, by interacting with you, your family, and your friends. These changes and evolution bring you surprises and enjoyable moments. With the rich applications, Pepper will dance, help to cook, read, or send messages.

Pepper can help you in many scenarios and environments. In office, Pepper can be receptionist to help you to find places and staff while showing you the map and staff information respectively. Pepper can also be concierge to welcome you and help you in finding places and answering questions in hotel. In addition, Pepper can be your product finder and recommend you what products are on sale or suit your needs.

Pepper is not only your helpful assistant but also your greatest companion. Teksbotics loves to discuss with you, and introduce Pepper to fit your scenarios and needs. Please feel free to contact us

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