Cleanfix develops and produces cleaning machines for professional use. The RA 660 Navi can be deployed where cleanness and hygiene really matter and it has to be cleaned cost-effectively.

RA 660 Navi equipped with a unique patented navigation system, three cleaning brushes (or pads) and a suction unit. RA 660 Navi scrubs and vacuums independently and highly efficiently whenever you want. RA 660 Navi is ideal for all applications where cleanness and hygiene are of utmost importance. RA 660 Navi wipes and sucks autonomously and highly efficiently.


  • Latest automatic cleaning technology
  • User friendliness
  • Reasonable economic benefit.
  • No surface is left uncleansed, excellent results can be taken for granted.
  • Optimized cleaning processes
  • Maximum cleanness and hygiene
  • Reduction of cleaning costs by up to 70%

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